Publications - Peter Brandon Bayer

Publications - Peter Brandon Bayer

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Peter Brandon Bayer, Debunking Undue Burdens, Trivial Violations, Harmless Stereotypes and Similar Judicial Myths: The Convergence of Title VII Literalism, Congressional Intent and Kantian Dignity Theory, 89 St. Johns L. Rev. 401 (2015).

Peter Brandon Bayer, The Individual Mandate's Due Process Legality: A Kantian Explanation, and Why It Matters, 44 Loy. U. Chi. L.J. 865 (2013).

Peter Brandon Bayer, Sacrifice and Sacred Honor: Why the Constitution is a "Suicide Pact," 20 Wm. & Mary Bill Rts. J. 287 (2011).

Peter Brandon Bayer, Not Interaction but Melding—The “Russian Dressing” Theory of Emotions: An Explanation of the Phenomenology of Emotions and Rationality with Suggested Related Maxims for Judges and Other Legal Decision Makers, 52 Mercer L. Rev. 1033 (2001).

Peter Brandon Bayer, A Plea for Rationality and Decency: The Disparate Treatment of Legal Writing Faculties as a Violation of Both Equal Protection and Professional Ethics, 39 Duq. L. Rev. 329 (2001).

Peter Brandon Bayer, Patterson and Civil Rights: What Rough Beast Slouches Towards Bethlehem to be Born?, 21 Colum. Hum. Rts. L. Rev. 401 (1990).

Peter Brandon Bayer, Rationality—and the Irrational Underinclusiveness of the Civil Rights Laws, 45 Wash. & Lee L. Rev 1 (1988).

Peter Brandon Bayer, Mutable Characteristics and the Definition of Discrimination under Title VII, 20 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 769 (1987).


Practice Oriented Publications

Peter Brandon Bayer, Is Including “Under God” in The Pledge of Allegiance Lawful?: An Impeccably Correct Ruling, Nev. Law., May 2003, at 8.

Peter Brandon Bayer, Brief Response to Attorney Albright’s Article, Nev. Law., May 2003, at 16.


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