Publications - Sylvia Lazos



Sylvia R. Lazos & Stephen Jeanetta, Cambio de Colores: Immigration of Latinos to Missouri (Univ. of Mo. 2002).


Book Contributions

Sylvia R. Lazos, Are Student Teaching Evaluations Holding back Women and Minorities? The Perils of "doing" Gender and Race in the Classroom, in Presumed Incompetent (2012).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Critical-Race-Theory-in-Education: Theory, Praxis, and Recommendations, in Interrogating Racism (Gerardo Lopez & Laurence Parker eds., 2003).



Rebecca D. Gill et al., Are Judicial Performance Evaluations Fair to Women and Minorities? A Cautionary Tale from Clark County, Nevada, 45 Law & Soc’y Rev. 731 (2011).

Rebecca Wood Gill et al., Sacrificing Diversity for “Quality”: How Judicial Performance Evaluations are Failing Women and Minorities (Western Political Science Association, Annual Meeting Paper, April 5, 2010).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Only Skin Deep: The Cost of Partisan Politics on Minority Diversity of the Federal Bench: Why Care Whether Judges Look “Like America” If, Because of Politics, a “Voice of Color” Has Become a “Whisper of Color”?, 83 Ind. L.J. 1423 (2008).

Sylvia R. Lazos, The Immigrant Rights Marches (Las Marchas): Did the “Gigante” (Giant) Wake Up or Does it Still Sleep Tonight?, 10 Nev. L.J. 780 (2007).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Emerging Latina/o Nation and Anti-Immigrant Backlash, 7 Nev. L.J. 685 (2007).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Does a Diverse Judiciary Attain a Rule of Law That Is Inclusive? What Grutter v. Bollinger Has to Say About Diversity on the Bench, 10 Mich. J. Race & L. 101 (2005).

Sylvia R. Lazos, “Kulturkampf[s]” or “Fit[s] of Spite”?: Taking the Academic Culture Wars Seriously, 35 Seton Hall L. Rev. 1309 (2005).

Steven Bender et al., Race and the California Recall Election: A Top Ten List of Ironies, 16 La Raza L.J. 11 (2005).

Sylvia R. Lazos, The Latina/o and APIA Vote Post-2000: What Does It Mean to Move Beyond “Black and White” Politics?, 81 Or. L. Rev. 783 (2003).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Missouri, the “War on Terrorism,” and Immigrants: Legal Challenges Post 9/11, 67 Mo L. Rev. 775 (2002).

Sylvia R. Lazos, “Latina/oization” of the Midwest: Cambio de Colores (Changes of Colors) as Agromaquilas Expand into the Heartland, 13 La Raza L.J. 343 (2002).

Sylvia R. Lazos, History, Legal Scholarship, and LatCrit Theory: The Case of Racial Transformations Circa the Spanish American War, 1896-1900, 78 Denver L. Rev. 195 (2001).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Globalization or Global Subordination? LatCrit Links the Global to the Local and the Local to Global, 33 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 1429 (2000).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Judicial Review of Initiatives and Referendums in Which Majorities Vote on Minorities’ Citizenship, 60 Ohio St. L.J. 399 (1999).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Democracy and Inclusion: The Role of the Judge in a Pluralist Polity, 58 Md. L. Rev. 150 (1999).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Deconstructing Homo[geneous] Americanus: The White Ethnic Immigrant Narrative and Its Exclusionary Effect, 72 Tulane L. Rev. 1493 (1998).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Florida's Property Rights Act: A Political Quick Fix Results in a Mixed Bag of Tricks, 23 Fl. St. L. Rev. 315 (1996).


Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Sylvia R. Lazos, Latino Voters 2012 and Beyond: Will the Fastest Growing and Evolving Electoral Group Shape U.S. Politics?, 11 Election L.J. 118 (2012) (reviewing Marisa A. Abrajano & R. Michael Alvarez, New Faces New Voices: The Hispanic Electorate in America (2010); Marisa A. Abrajano, Campaigning to the New American Electorate: Advertising to Latino Voters (2010)).

Emily Richmond, Q&A with Sylvia Lazos: Impact of the Seattle Case on Local School District, Las Vegas Sun, July 8, 2007.

Sylvia R. Lazos, In Defense of the High Court: Nevada Justices Just Doing Their Jobs, Las Vegas Rev.-J., Sep. 17, 2006.

Sylvia R. Lazos & Raquel E. Aldana, Aliens in Our Midst Post-9/11: Legislating Outsider-Ness Within the Borders, 38 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 1683 (2005) (reviewing Bill Ong Hing, Defining America Through Immigration Policy (Mapping Racisms) (2003); Kevin R. Johnson, The “Huddled Masses” Myth: Immigration and Civil Rights (2003); Victor C. Romero, Alienated: Immigrant Rights, The Constitution, and Equality in America (2004)).

Sylvia R. Lazos, Senate Forced to Become Moderate, Las Vegas Sun, May 27, 2005.

Sylvia R. Lazos, Miers Solid Choice of Bush, Las Vegas Rev.-J., Oct. 3, 2005.

Sylvia R. Lazos, The Nevada Supreme Court: Are the Justices Goats or Heroes, Las Vegas Rev.-J., July 14, 2003.

Sylvia R. Lazos, Critical Race Theory and Autobiography: Can A Popular Genre Make a Serious Academic Contribution?, 18 J. Law & Inequality 419 (2000) (reviewing Bryan Fair, Notes of Racial Caste Baby, Colorblindness and the End of Affirmative Action (2000); Bill Ong Hing, To be an American: Cultural Pluralism and the Rhetoric of Assimilation (1999); Kevin R. Johnson, “How Did You Get to Be a Mexican? A White/Brown Man’s Search for Identity (1999)).


Practice Oriented Publications

Sylvia R. Lazos, US v. Tyson: Immigration Law and Employers, Nev. Bar J., July 2002.

Sylvia R. Lazos, ¿Las Relaciones Interraciales: Estamos Listos Para un Dialogo?, Mo. Columbian, June 25, 2000.


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