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Thomas B. McAffee et al., The Most Dangerous Branch: Why the Constitution Gave the War Power to Congress and Not to Rogue Presidents (Univ. of Ill. Press forthcoming).

Thomas B. McAffee et al., Powers Reserved for the People and the States: A History of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments (Praeger 2006).

Thomas B. McAffee, Inherent Rights, the Written Constitution, and Popular Sovereignty: The Founders’ Understanding (Praeger 2000).


Book Contributions

Thomas B. McAffee, The Legal Protection of Constitutional Rights, in The Legal System and American Constitutional Democracy 132 (M. Frankowska & A. Melone eds., 1993).



Thomas B. McAffee, Nevada Public Policy and Higher Education: The Roles of the Legislature and the Board of Regents Under the Nevada Constitution, 14 Nev. L.J. 833 (2014) (with Justin James McAffee).

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Thomas B. McAffee et al., The Automobile Exception in Nevada: A Critique of the Harnisch Cases, 8 Nev. L.J. 622 (2008).

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Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Thomas B. McAffee, Book Review, 28 Law & Hist. Rev. 1099 (2010) (reviewing Kurt T. Lash, The Lost History of the Ninth Amendment (2009)).

Thomas B. McAffee, The "Foundations" of Anti-Foundationalism—Or, Taking the Ninth Amendment Lightly: A Comment on Farber's Book on the Ninth Amendment, 8 Nev. L.J. 226 (2008) (reviewing Daniel A. Farber, Retained by the People: The “Silent” Ninth Amendment and the Constitutional Rights Americans Don’t Know They Have (2007)).

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Thomas B. McAffee, Lawyers and the Abortion Debate: Presenting a Balanced View, 48 Mo. L. Rev. 284 (1983) (reviewing Lynn D. Wardle & Mary A. Wood, A Lawyer Looks at Abortion (1982)).


Practice Oriented Publications

Thomas B. McAffee, Heller, Nevada and the Second Amendment: Minimalism, Tradition and Modern Constitutional JurisprudenceNev. Law., Feb. 2014, at 22.

Thomas B. McAffee, Unenumerated Rights Under the U.S. Constitution, Nev. Law., July 2001, at 27.

Thomas B. McAffee, Shelly v. Kraemer: Herald of Social Progress and of the Coming Debate Over the Limits of Constitutional Change, 34 St. Louis B. J. 14 (1987).


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