Health Law Research Spotlight: Protecting Families from the Harms of Stigmatization

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Prof. Leslie Griffin authored a blog post, "Stigma and the Oral Argument in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia," in which she analyzed the U.S. Supreme Court's oral argument in a pivotal case involving the conflict between anti-discrimination law and the freedom of religion. In Fulton, a religious group is arguing that it has a First Amendment right to disobey Philadelphia's antidiscrimination laws while picking foster parents for children. In her post, Prof. Griffin discussed the need to enforce anti-discrimination laws to protect children and parents in LGBTQ+ famlies from stigmatization. Prof. Griffin also submitted an amicus brief to the Court in Fulton for Miguel H. Diaz, Ambassador to the Holy See, Retired; CHILD USA; Dignity USA; New Ways Ministry; the Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual; and the Women's Ordination Conference. The brief supports Philadelphia and asks the Court to enforce the city's antidiscrimination laws without religious exemption.