Joe Regalia Strives to Help Law Students and Attorneys Alike Excel in Legal Writing with Two Upcoming Books

Joe Regalia, William S. Boyd Associate Professor of Law, has a two-book contract about making legal writing fun and accessible. “Legal writing is easily the biggest roadblock faced by law students and lawyers alike,” Professor Regalia says. “In my work at and as a law professor, I’ve supported thousands of law students and lawyers in improving their legal writing. Some are just starting out their careers; others have been practicing for decades.”

Prior to the first book’s publication later in 2023, Professor Regalia took some time to chat with us about the book. Its working title is “Leveling Up Your Legal Writing,” and he is crafting it to alleviate legal writing seeming like a chore. “When you look at the people who enjoy being attorneys and thrive in their careers, these are those that enjoy writing,” he shares.

The first book is structured for the reader to select from modularized menus to best fit his or her writing style. Professor Regalia also places importance on empowering the user and explaining the “why” and the practical theory on why different writing techniques work. His book also weaves in technology and tools that can be utilized throughout the legal writing process. Professor Regalia has been very busy writing lately; he also has an article coming out this summer based upon applying workplace psychology to the challenges that legal teams face.