Boyd Briefs - September 14, 2017

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From Dean Dan - September 14, 2017

Dean Dan Hamilton
In support of our students and our community, the UNLV Immigration Clinic will be assisting with preparation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewal forms for Nevada residents free of charge between now and October 5. I’m also very proud of our student organizations, La Voz;...

Faculty Spotlight: Eve Hanan

Eve Hanan, Associate Professor of Law
Eve Hanan is an Associate Professor at UNLV Law. Her expertise is in Criminal Law, Clinical Legal Education and Teaching, Trial and Appellate Practice, Criminal Procedure, and Restorative Justice.

Student Spotlight: Jocelyn Murphy

Jocelyn Murphy
You discovered your affinity for the law accidentally, right? Yes, I originally wanted to be a news reporter. I attended a magnet high school that specialized in broadcast journalism and even entered college as a journalism major. However, I signed up for an internship program one summer and was...

Alumni Spotlight: Richard Andrews '13

Richard Andrews, Class of '13
US Navy JAG Corps Command Judge Advocate, Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada

Community Member Spotlight: Noah Malgeri

Noah Malgeri
Noah Malgeri is the Pro Bono Director for Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and a member of the Public Interest Advisory Board.

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