Boyd Briefs - September 28, 2017

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From Dean Dan - September 28, 2017

Dean Dan Hamilton
We are fortunate at the law school to have outstanding partnerships with the Nevada Judiciary. We are honored to welcome courts to come sit at Boyd, and next week we have a milestone. For the first time the Nevada Supreme Court is sitting en banc at the law school, and all seven justices will hear...

Faculty Spotlight: Elizabeth Manriquez

Elizabeth Manriquez, Research Librarian and Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Manriquez is a Research Librarian as well as an Assistant Professor.

Student Spotlight: Ben Shuman

Ben Shuman
How tough was it to grow up in Reno, attend the University of Nevada, Reno, then come to southern Nevada and archrival UNLV for law school? Growing up in Reno for most of my life, I have bled silver and blue. Unfortunately, I had to make a choice that doesn’t look good to my fellow Wolf Pack...

Alumni Spotlight: Lauren A. Peña '07

Lauren A. Peña, Class of '07
Lauren is the Directing Attorney of the Civil Law Self-Help Center at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.

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