Boyd Briefs - November 2, 2017

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From Dean Dan - November 2, 2017

Dean Dan Hamilton
The law school is fortunate to have strong relationships with the Nevada and federal judiciary, and this has been an exceptional month for these important partnerships. On Oct. 3 we welcomed the first ever en banc oral arguments held by the Nevada Supreme Court at the law school. On Oct. 11 we...

Faculty Spotlight: Francine J. Lipman

Francine Lipman, William S. Boyd Professor of Law and Rosenblum Family Foundation Tax Clinic qualified tax expert
Francine Lipman is a William S. Boyd Professor of Law and qualified tax expert for the Rosenblum Family Foundation Tax Clinic.

Student Spotlight: Michael Linton

Michael Linton
You served our country in the United States Navy. How did that experience shape your world view? The Navy shaped me as a person. I joined at the young age of 17. The whole experience taught me discipline in my work and how I conduct myself in everyday life. My military service has given me a...

Alumni Spotlight: Leah Martin '02

Leah Martin
Leah is Managing Attorney at Leah Martin Law in Las Vegas.

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