Boyd Briefs - February 9, 2018

From Dean Dan - February 9, 2018

Dean Dan Hamilton
We are excited to host three important symposiums over the next few weeks. On Tuesday, Feb. 13, Mark Yudof, one of the leading figures in American higher education, will host “ Free Speech on Campus .” Mr. Yudof is the former president of the University of California System and former...

Faculty Spotlight: Thomas B. McAffee

Thomas McAffee, William S. Boyd Professor of Law
Thomas McAffee is a William S. Boyd Professor of Law whose expertise is within Constitutional Law.

Student Spotlight: Stephanie Glantz

Stephanie Glantz
Your journey to law school began at 7, yes?  Yeah, I guess you could say that! I was 7 when I first testified in front of the Nevada Legislature. I was working with my assemblywoman at the time to take smoking out of grocery stores, and later testified for the bill that took smoking out of Nevada...

Alumni Spotlight: Ruth Miller '01

Ruth Miller
Ruth is Assistant General Counsel for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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