Boyd Briefs - November 9, 2020

From Dean Dan - November 9, 2020

Dean Dan Hamilton
First, I want to congratulate our friend and colleague, Professor David Orentlicher, who on Tuesday won election to serve in the Nevada Assembly representing District 20. Professor Orentlicher is a nationally distinguished scholar, and now once again a bona fide public servant. You can learn more...

Faculty Spotlight: Jae Barrick

Jae Barrick
What is the most significant issue facing your field and how should it be addressed? The most significant issue I am facing as a practicing attorney and adjunct professor is the same as everyone else, the need for virtual meetings, hearings, classes, and mediations. The environment created by the...

Student Spotlight: Valarie Kuschel

Valarie Kuschel
What do you love about your work as the Communications Director for Save Red Rock? My favorite part about working for Save Red Rock is being able to preserve a piece of our Valley that everyone enjoys. As a born and raised Nevadan, some of my best memories have been in the canyon. I hope it can be...

Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Eglet '20

Jordan Eglet '20
Where do you see yourself in ten years? In order for me to discuss the future, I must discuss the past. Ten years ago, I decided to make politics and legislation a priority in my life. This began for me when I volunteered at Planned Parenthood. I canvassed, taught other teens how to drive effective...

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