Boyd Briefs - January 22, 2021

From Dean Dan - January 22, 2021

Dean Dan Hamilton
On Tuesday, we started a new semester here at Boyd. Here are some upcoming events and some good news: • The Boyd Chapter of the Black Law Students Association was recognized as BLSA Chapter of the Year by the Western Region of the National Black Law Students Association. Congratulations to...

Faculty Spotlight: Dawn Nielsen

Dawn Nielsen
Director of Externships and Assistant Professor in Residence

Student Spotlight: Ziwei Zheng

Ziwei Zheng
Tell our readers the meaning of your name, Ziwei, and the significance it holds for you. Ziwei has three meanings in my language: 1) a purple flower, 2) north star, 3) symbol of royalty. I only go with the first meaning because a plant is persistent and strenuous. You emigrated from China to the...

Alumni Spotlight: Robin Gonzales '19

Robin Gonzales '19
What advice would you give to a new colleague? Do not give up. Whether you want that job in big law, or want that clerkship with a federal judge, or want to go in house. Do not give up because you were not able to get your dream job out of law school. There are many ways to get to where you want to...

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