Boyd Briefs - October 1, 2021

From Dean Sara - October 1, 2021

Dean Sara Gordon
Since we graduated our charter class in 2001, the law school has watched our graduates go on to do remarkable things. Our alums are lawyers, judges, industry executives, and legislators, and all are an asset to their communities both in Nevada and around the country. One of those extraordinary...

Faculty Spotlight: Michael Kagan

Michael Kagan
Michael Kagan, Joyce Mack Professor of Law and Immigration Clinic Director, teaches administrative law, professional responsibility, international human rights and immigration law.

Student Spotlight: Carla Bywaters

Carla Bywaters
1L Carla Bywaters shares how her love of the law has transitioned through her careers.

Alumni Spotlight: Elva Castañeda '20

Elva Castañeda '20
2020 alumna Elva Castañeda explains how even through a pandemic and endless Zoom meetings, deep relationships can be fostered.

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