From Dean Dan - March 27, 2020

Dean Dan Hamilton

The response of the UNLV Boyd community to the COVID-19 crisis has been extraordinary. In a little over a week's time, our law school moved all of our courses online. Faculty and students have risen to the occasion, and I appreciate all everyone has done to move so quickly. We are now, and who knows for how long, transitioning into a virtual community. We've hosted our first weekly Town Hall where we come together to discuss questions and concerns as a community. Our Faculty Enrichment Lecture Series is moving to an online format and will be hosting a faculty workshop series online. Our first speaker will be Professor Ian Bartrum, who will be presenting "The People's Court: On the Intellectual Origins of American Judicial Power" on April 6th at noon with more faculty speakers to follow. Student organizations are also creating their own virtual communities to continue to support each other.

We've also made the decision to take our admitted students day online. Our Admissions team worked with faculty and students to develop video content and online interviews, which will provide potential students the opportunity to experience Boyd Law as they would in a traditional setting. My thanks to Assistant Dean Brian Wall, Cameron Lue-Sang, Lindsey Baker, and web designer Shane Gammon for bringing these applications to fruition.

Thank you to the students, faculty, and staff who came together during these unprecedented times to undertake Herculean tasks. I particularly want to thank Dean Sara Gordon and Dean Frank Durand who mobilized our community quickly and efficiently. I'd also like to thank Shweta Kadam and the IT team for their technical support and expertise. Finally, I want to thank current SBA president Elva Castaneda, incoming SBA president Reema Hassanieh, our student leaders and all of Boyd's students who continue to help us ensure we all stay connected.

I’ve been struck again and again with acts of generosity, kindness, and compassion – all qualities that have long distinguished Boyd students and the Boyd community. I remain grateful for your patience, goodwill, and tenacity.

Be well,

Dean & Richard J. Morgan Professor of Law

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