Faculty Spotlight: Marketa Trimble

Marketa Trimble, Samuel S. Lionel Professor of Intellectual Property Law.

What is the most important thing you are working on right now?
Right now I am preparing next week’s international conference at Boyd – "Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement at Trade Shows: International Perspectives and Best Practices." The Conference will be on Thursday, October 4, 2018, and will bring to UNLV experts on protection and enforcement of IP rights from the United States, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. The Honorable Andrei Iancu, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, will deliver the Conference Keynote, and Chief Judge Gloria Navarro of the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada will deliver the Opening Remarks. Boyd is fortunate to have the support of a number of sponsors for the Conference, including the Nevada Bar IP Law Section, which will hold its annual Conference at Boyd on the next day, Friday, October 5, 2018.

Which of your recent or forthcoming articles should I read?

After the October 4 and 5 conferences are over I will return to several writing projects. On Friday, September 28, 2018, I am presenting a draft of one of the projects at the Lewis & Clark Law School’s Business Forum; the article explores the differences between the territorial scope of claims and remedies in intellectual property cases, more specifically the global injunctions and other cross-border remedies that IP rights owners seek from courts when they attempt to protect their IP rights globally, or in as many countries as possible.
Of my recent articles I recommend my two articles on IP rights enforcement at trade shows (here and here) – particularly if you would like to know more about the conference on October 4. And for those readers interested in the internet law area, I suggest my article “Territorialization of the Internet Domain Name System,” which was published in the Pepperdine Law Review this past summer.
When you are working on an article or a book, what's your favorite part of the process? What do you do during the process that others might find odd?
My father, who is a journalist and a writer, says that writing is like embroidering – I think of his analogy often when I write. I sometimes wake up at 3:00 in the morning with a pressing idea and find I must get up to write down my thoughts – which sometimes leaves me the next day with almost incomprehensible scribbles on multiple scattered sticky notes. Sometimes I audio record my thoughts as I drive from campus, which can later leave me with a less-than-perfect audio filled with background noise from the airport connector tunnel. And sometimes I run my ideas by my husband, who as an attorney, accountant, techie, and linguist, can be a tough commentator. My favorite part? Receiving my text in print from the law review or publisher!

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