Student Spotlight: Alexandra Matloff

Alexandra Matloff

You are the president of Boyd's Sports and Entertainment Law Association (SELA) this year. How is the group doing?

SELA is thriving! We have been busy planning and presenting events to help our members learn more about sports and entertainment law. We recently welcomed an exciting panel of attorneys/agents and clients to learn more about the intricacies of working in this area of law. I am grateful for our fantastic board and members that make SELA such a great organization. I am looking forward to next semester’s events, including learning more about the Raiders Stadium! 

For some time, music was your life's focus, yes?

Yes, I am a professional violinist. In addition to working professionally in Chicago as well as performing and teaching throughout the country, I have both a doctorate and master’s degree in violin performance. 

So what drew your attention to law school?

I have actually always wanted to go to law school and become a lawyer. It was just a matter of deciding when to apply. I loved my career as a violinist; however, I desired to help people beyond the walls of the concert hall. Additionally, the things I enjoyed the most about playing the violin always seemed to fall in the analytical realm. I wanted to use these skills in a field in which I could directly help people with pressing issues. 

Is there a musician you particularly admire or have attempted to emulate? 

Yo-Yo Ma. In having the opportunity to work with him, we would frequently talk about the importance of being civic-minded and using music to make a difference in the world. Although I have always strived to do this through performing and teaching, I believe that my law degree will help me to do this to an even greater extent. 

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