Student Spotlight: Allison Mann

Friday, May 14, 2021
Allison Mann

Having grown up there, is Georgia often on your mind?

Every now and then I pine for a quintessential Georgia experience from my childhood: navigating thorny bushes on a blackberry picking expedition, or drifting off to the buzzing of June bugs or a whippoorwill’s call. However, there are plenty of Georgia’s natural beauty that are easy to leave behind: suffocating humidity, gnat season, and needing to check for ticks after a walk.

Let’s hear about your kids!

Jules is a wonderfully brilliant and weird four-year-old. She plays a mean air guitar to Rock You Like a Hurricane, her favorite song of the moment. She coined the term “socks-pants” when referring to her footed tights; so, as you can see, she is well on her way to greatness. Her brother, George is no joke. He’s got wacky, wavy, inflatable arm-flailing hair and he’s not afraid to whip it. Coming in at almost two years old, he can clearly say, “I want dis,” before snatching whatever it is from his sister’s grasp. They are a treat.

How have you managed all that’s on your plate each day while studying law by evening?

I’ve discovered that I am much more like my children than I’d like to admit. Like my kids, I also manage daily life better when following a routine. A routine helps me conserve mental energy needed to navigate daily hiccups and unexpected surprises, like last minute diaper blowouts or a global pandemic. I also use these reserves to catch important little things that happen outside of the routine, like when George finally fit the star in the star hole of his shape sorter or overhearing Jules counting to herself in Spanish. These little happenings fuel me up when I’m running on empty.

As we get closer to a post-pandemic world, what is it you most look forward to doing as you once did?

Attending live performances! Music and theatre performances in small venues are my personal favorites.

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