Student Spotlight: Christian Ogata

Christian Ogata

As an undergrad, you were a debater, and you also held judicial positions in student government. Which of the two has proven to be more useful in your legal studies?

Both student government and debate provided me with useful tools for law school, but I would say that debate overwhelmingly shaped my approach to law school. My years spent in debate taught me how to research efficiently, craft thoughtful arguments, and helped me improve my oral advocacy skills.

What have you enjoyed most about your tenure as president of Society of Advocates [Boyd's moot court board]?

I love being able to work closely with the students on SOA and to see the other board members excel at planning and executing Boyd’s in-house competitions. As the president, I work closely withour adviser and administration who have been instrumental in making this year a success, and it has been extremely rewarding to work with such an amazing team!

Give a plug for the Frank A. Schreck Gaming Law Moot Court Competition that Boyd will host in March. 

On March 6-8, 2020, the Society of Advocates will host the 5th Annual Frank A. Schreck Gaming Law moot court competition—the only moot court competition in the nation focusing on emerging gaming law issues. This year’s competition will be our largest yet and will field 28 teams from law schools across the country.

With which American president, living or deceased, would you like to sit down for dinner?

Barack Obama or John F. Kennedy.  

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