Student Spotlight: Connor Farmer

Friday, September 24, 2021
Connor Farmer

How have you found the experiencing moving to Las Vegas from upstate New York?

The weather’s great, I really enjoy the food and how many options there are. I also appreciate the range of activities here: from going to TopGolf to fishing to shopping to going to the Strip to hiking Mount Charleston, there’s anything to do within a 30-minute radius. 

You lived in London during part of your undergraduate experience; what was your biggest learning experience there?

Using public transportation. Getting used to taking the Tube, dealing with delays and planning for extra time, and knowing that no matter what I was going to be late at least once a week was a major adjustment. 

You’ve been a law student for just about a month now. What’s been your favorite case so far?

Raffles v. Wichelhaus, which is an old English case. The issue was over a delivery of cotton on a ship named Peerless, but there were two ships with the same name – the odds of two ships with the same name arriving at the same port with the same cargo, especially with an ironic name like Peerless, is too fantastic to have been made up. 

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