Student Spotlight: Daniel Weiss

Friday, January 28, 2022
Daniel Weiss

Tell us about your career before coming to law school.

I was an officer in the United States Navy for ten years, where I flew F-18s off of aircraft carriers. 
What’s been your favorite class so far?

Civil Procedure was incredibly interesting. It was something that I had absolutely zero background in, and it was fascinating to uncover something so prominent in everyday life that had previously been invisible to me. 

What’s a burning question that you’re trying to find the answer to?

Building genuine sense of community. This is a particular problem in the veteran space, where we try to throw resources at problems of homelessness, medical care, drug abuse, and the insecurity of talking about traumatic experiences and relating them to our non-veteran counterparts. We don’t, however, really have the language to facilitate honest, genuine communication, and that’s a major shortcoming that I hope to find a way to bridge.  

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