Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Davenport

Elizabeth Davenport

You came to law school with an eye toward practicing environmental law. Is that still the plan?

Growing up, I always wanted to make the world a better place and decided to do so by studying biology, then working as an environmental scientist here in Las Vegas. I knew I could make an even bigger impact with a law degree. Boyd is very committed to community and was naturally my #1 choice. Boyd has opened my eyes to the plethora of ways attorneys can make positive change and impact social justice, in addition to advocating for the environment. Currently, I feed my passion for environmental advocacy by volunteering with local nonprofits such as Friends of Nevada Wilderness. Although I have not fully committed to which direction I will go after law school, I now have better tools to make long lasting effects and improve the world around us.

What's been your favorite course at Boyd thus far?

My favorite class has been Constitutional Law because understanding the history that shaped our society is a powerful tool.

You are the Public Interest Law Association Auction VP this year.Talk up the 21st Annual Silver State Auction on February 27 a little.

The Auction is only 6 days away!Benefiting public interest and fund raise for student grants, this year we celebrate downtown at The Historic Fifth Street School from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. For the first time you can bid online; register to start taking a look at some of the exciting items we have this year, like lunch with former Governor Sandoval, George Strait tickets, and local vacation packages. I hope to see you there! Message me with any questions.

Passenger or driver?

Both! As long as we are heading to some place new and exciting, I truly do not care if I am behind the wheel or the map. I love road trips because you can dive into deep thought-provoking discussions sparked by audiobooks or podcasts.

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