Student Spotlight: Ellsie Lucero

Ellsie Lucero

An internship with the Nevada State Assembly set you down the path to law school, yes?

Yes, I interned for Assemblywoman Bustamante Adams the summer after my sophomore year of undergrad and it was an invaluable experience! I gained a unique insight into the law-making process in Nevada. Also, I met several inspiring legislators and attorneys whose encouragement solidified my interest in law school.

What are your goals as this year's president of La Voz [Boyd's Latino law student association]?

This year I want to increase high school and undergraduate student participation in the Huellas program. La Voz has begun working on these efforts by participating in the Latino Youth Leadership Conference and outreach to Nevada State College. Also, I want to continue fundraising for scholarships and remain actively involved in the community. Particularly, given the recent heartbreaking events, this year will have a focus on border patrol and immigrant children.

What does the Huellas program mean to you personally?

The Huellas program means family and access to opportunity for me. Like many Huellas participants, I don’t have any family members in the legal field. For someone who doesn't know anything about law school, the application process can seem very daunting. My Huellas mentors were the family members that I could turn to for help. A referral to an LSAT prep course and a simple answer to a question made all the difference in the application process and transition to law school.

If you could assume the identity of any living person for one day, who would it be?

Queen Elizabeth II. The queen has had a long and incredible reign throughout times of enormous social change. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be royalty for a day?!

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