Student Spotlight: Eric Duhon

Eric Duhon

So your family has been in Nevada since 1866, yes?

The exact date my family arrived in Nevada depends on which relative’s story you want to believe, but the most believable story is that we arrived in 1866. Regardless of which story, we have been here a long time, and I am proud to say I am a fifth generation Nevadan.

How did a guy from Reno come to row crew at the University of Wisconsin?

I had never rowed nor seen a racing boat, but I walked onto the team after my coaches approached me at freshman orientation, like they do to every tall, athletic-looking person. I was lucky enough to make the team, and our success my freshman year had me hooked. That first year, our team won the eastern conference earning the Rowe Cup, which we had not held since 1946, and our varsity 8 won the Division I national championships, while my boat took eighth place in the freshman division. I was lucky enough to continue to race both nationally and internationally until I graduated in 2011.

What's been the most memorable experience during your time in law school at Boyd?

Aside from the medical adventure over the last year to remove and recover from the benign mass that nearly paralyzed me, which is discussed more in the 2017 UNLV Law magazine, my most memorable experiences were the days I spent studying in the quiet section of the library with my now fiancé, Sarah White ('17).

And what's happening after graduation in May and the bar exam in July?

After graduation and the bar, I am backpacking in eastern Europe and Asia with my fiancé before beginning as an associate at Fennemore Craig in its Reno office with its Business and Finance group.

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