Student Spotlight: Greer Sullivan

Friday, August 27, 2021
Greer Sullivan

So, you played college rugby – what was that like?

It was challenging, but really exciting because I was able to learn a new skill and become a part of an incredible culture. The rugby culture embraces differences and allowed me to learn how to work with a lot of different people and see sides of people that I never would have seen otherwise. Sports have a lot to do with how I became who I am, and it was great being part of a sport that cared about people for who they are. It also prepared me for law because of how counterintuitive the rules are, so that definitely helped prepare me for a profession where I had to learn how things work. 

You’re the SBA President – if you could choose one thing to happen for the student body this year, what would it be?

For the last couple years, we haven’t really had the opportunity to make connections outside of the virtual world, so we really want to provide opportunities for people to physically meet, socialize, and make the kind of connections that will benefit them in law school and in their future careers. We want to offer a lot of different activities so they feel that they have a place to be safe, to make friends, and to explore different creative outlets. 

What’s an elective class that you were surprised to have liked?

Wills, Trusts, and Estates. I’m pretty dead-set on being a criminal attorney (I externed with Washoe County DA this summer), and I was surprised to enjoy a civil class, but the drama of those cases was really interesting. It was also interesting to see how intertwined estate law is with everyday aspects of ordinary people’s lives and that, while I think I know what I want to do, there are other things out there that interest me. 

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