Student Spotlight: John McCormick-Huhn

Monday, February 22, 2021
John McCormick-Huhn

You hold a PhD in cognitive psychology. How has that background informed/influenced your law study?

Learning the law has brought my psychology research to life. My primary research focused on false memories in older adults, and a secondary line of research focused on motor control and perception. Jumping into the law, I was immediately drawn to litigation. I see the courtroom as a place where dynamics of human behavior are on full display. Also, so much of what I did as a scientist—the research process, publishing, writing code, digging into neuroscience equipment and human movement trackers—drew me to intellectual property law. I find my background also helps me identify gaps in the law, such as how cognitive aging can be overlooked in the courtroom. 

And how has it informed/influenced your work as Nevada Law Journal editor-in-chief this year?

Psychological research is inherently collaborative, both within one’s lab and with other investigators across institutions (and time zones and international borders). There are a lot of moving parts completed by different people that must all come together in a single publication. In many ways this is the Journal’s process, especially in its new virtual environment during the pandemic. Thankfully, I have the best colleagues who all make the Journal come together.

Additionally, I think being in the author’s shoes for my past science publications, where I had to respond to requests from editors and peer reviewers, informs my approach to working with the authors in Volume 21. It’s important to remember there are real humans on both sides of the review process.

What is your pure fun activity of choice?

I love going to concerts, particularly 70s and 80s rock concerts. I also love visiting National Parks with my wife (getting our “passport” stamped) and playing endless hours of pinochle.
When the pandemic ends, what will you do first?
Book a flight to the east coast. My dad lives in Florida, my in-laws live in Massachusetts, and I’m originally from New Jersey, so I have lots of in-person catching up to do as soon as that’s possible again.

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