Madeleine Coles

Madeleine Coles
Madeleine Coles

You’re the editor-in-chief of the Nevada Law Journal – what’s that been like?

So fun! It is really interesting to have a hand in picking the articles and learning about different areas of the law that I didn’t cover in classes, and I enjoy working with the professors from law schools all over the country who submit their articles to us. Our White Paper Symposium is also great opportunity for us to meet practitioners and academics and engage with them on different topics.

If a 1L out there is thinking about doing journal next year, what would be your sales pitch to them?

Definitely do it. Our junior staffers work on articles along with the editorial board, so you’ll get to learn a lot just from that, plus you’ll get to improve your own writing and editing skills a great deal…plus it looks great on the resume. 

What are you most looking forward to about Winter Break?

Besides editing all of my articles? I’m really looking forward to going home to Idaho (where there will hopefully be snow) and skiing, sledding, and all of the things that you can’t do in Southern Nevada.