Student Spotlight: Servando Martinez

Friday, March 26, 2021
Servando Martinez

What was it like growing up the youngest of 13 siblings?

Growing up with 12 siblings was simultaneously one of the most rewarding and chaotic experiences. Being the youngest, I was able to see 12 different people walk 12 different paths of life. That’s 12x the life lessons! They were quintessential in making me the person I am today. When you’re one of thirteen children, it’s hard to be selfish. I was conditioned to always think of others.

What takes a native Californian to New York for college and to Las Vegas for law school?

I absolutely loved growing up in California. The calm, laid-back culture growing up in CA was breathtaking, but after 18 years, you become complacent! I enjoyed being in a fast-paced environment, and what better way to jump all in then to move to New York? Living in NYC was monumental to my personal development and 100% contributed to my work ethic, but as great as New York is, it’s easy to start missing nature and sunshine. The magic fades and suddenly subway rats aren’t such a novelty anymore! So where do you go when you want the best of both worlds? Las Vegas, Nevada! 

Which of your first-semester courses did you find the most compelling?

They all were so compelling, and, for a first-generation student, the course material was completely new and captivating. However, my Torts course with Professor Leslie Griffin was incredible. My classmates and I had insightful discussions, albeit at 8 a.m., and I could feel my way of thinking starting to change. Learning has always felt like something passive that happened over time, but with the discussions we were having in Torts, I could physically feel myself learning the material. There’s also nothing more captivating (and terrifying) than that first cold call of your first semester of 1L. 

What are you dying to do when we are rid of this bleeping pandemic?

Okay, this sounds pretty lame, but I am so excited for that walk of shame of realizing you forgot your mask halfway through the parking lot to be completely nonexistent.

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