Student Spotlight: Steve Jimenez

Steve Jimenez

Speak a little of the bond you share with the cohort with whom you've spent the last four years in Boyd's part-time evening program.

Initially I expected my cohort to be so diverse that we couldn’t create a bond. I was wrong. Within a few days, differences were cast aside and we began working together. Classmates became co-counsels and we’ve continued supporting each other throughout our four years.

You've been very active in the Student Bar Association and La Voz [Boyd's Latino student association] over the years. What have those experiences meant to you?

Simply stated, La Voz was my gateway to law school. The Huellas program was the reason for my entry into law school and later becoming the Nevada Hispanic Caucus Legislative extern for the 2017 session. The SBA taught me to listen to constituents and make decisions for them rather than what you personally believe. I encourage all students to try their hand at representing their peers; it is as challenging as it is rewarding.

Are you still a fighter?

My goals as a Muay Thai fighter have definitely taken a back seat to law school, but I quickly transitioned to coaching. I've had to cut back on my gym time but still take the occasional swing at a punching bag at home. If I could give every student one piece of advice, it would be to take time for yourself to do something active. It will help release the emotions that can sometimes be overbearing during law school.

What's in the works, so to speak, following May graduation and the bar exam?

My current firm has offered an associate attorney position, and I am excited to grow in this new role. There is, of course, the impending 2019 legislative session of which I hope to be a part.

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