Tammi Musumeci

Tammi Musumeci
Tammi Musumeci

You are a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. How did you come to be so proficient at that particular martial art?

I began practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu at age six. What has made me so proficient is hard work. I would make small goals for myself, such as competing in an upcoming tournament, and do everything needed to be successful. I would study others registered for the tournament so that I would be prepared.

This may be a bit of a stretch, but...are there any principles underlying Brazilian jiu-jitsu that you have applied to your study of the law?

I would have to say that dedication, motivation, and hard work are things I apply every day as I study law. I began law school with a certain expectation and soon realized that what I expected was not what was. Law school was not like college. It was more challenging and required a different way of thinking. It was as though I had a new opponent who was more advanced — I could give up and not compete, or I could learn what was needed in order to be successful. 

What law school course has most influenced your anticipated career path? 

The law class that most influenced my anticipated career path is family law. I had the pleasure of working this summer for a judge in family court and was able to witness firsthand that laws keep things structured. I was able to hear story after story from the different parties appearing before the judge. Each story would sound convincing. The judge however, was able to stay focused on the facts and follow the law to be fair to all parties. 

Who is your favorite musical artist? 

Disturbed not only has been my number one band to exercise and train, but also has been my favorite band overall for the great meaning within its music.