Society of Advocates

The Society of Advocates ("SOA") is Boyd's honorary, co-curricular moot court team. Unlike many law schools' moot court teams, SOA's team membership is selected from the top legal writers from each lawyering process class during the second semester of 1L year. As Boyd is ranked the top third legal writing program in the nation, SOA truly represents the crème de la crème of legal writers.

To be invited onto SOA, students are selected based on their performance on their written appellate brief for their second semester lawyering process class and their in-class oral argument. Also, to be eligible for SOA, students must participate in the Clark County Bar Association Moot Court Competition, which is typically held at the end of April during 1L year.

Once students are invited onto the team after their first year, students will participate in a third lawyering process class specifically for SOA. In this legal writing class, students focus on writing an appellate brief for the United States Supreme Court and preparing an oral argument. After taking this class, students compete in moot court competitions across the country, giving each student two credits toward his or her degree.

In addition to the moot court team, SOA also represents Boyd at client counseling competitions, negotiation competitions, mock trial competitions, and more. Students who win Boyd's in-house competitions become members of SOA to represent SOA in the limited capacity of their corresponding competitions.

View the SOA Bylaws.
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