Federal Bar Association (FBA)

Federal Bar Association aims to provide an opportunity for Boyd School of Law students to connect with the federal bar. This is achieved by offering valuable networking opportunities with attorneys and judges working within the federal legal system, and allowing students to learn the unique attributes of federal law. Federal Bar Association will work in conjunction with local and national Federal Bar Association chapters and organizations as needed.

Executive Board
President Tyler Mowbray
Email mowbray4@unlv.nevada.edu
Vice-President Keith Hightower
Email hightow3@unlv.nevada.edu
Communications Manager Angel Getsov
Email getsova2@unlv.nevada.edu
Judicial Officer Kory Koerperich
Email koerperi@unlv.nevada.edu
Secretary Jonathan Chung
Email chungj9@unlv.nevada.edu
Treasurer Yu Meng
Email mengy@unlv.nevada.edu