This organization shall promote a better understanding of :

  • laws concerning hemp and cannabis in the state of Nevada and in the United States at large
  • medical, environmental, economic, and civil libertarian arguments for the reasonable treatment of cannabis in the laws of the state and the United States
  • fields of law that relate to the hemp and cannabis industry, including but not limited to intellectual property law, tax law, environmental law, health law, criminal law, and corporate law; and
  • the impact of cannabis law and policy within various demographics across the United States.

The goal behind educating CLawS members on the elements of cannabis law is to facilitate careers in cannabis law and entrepreneurship. CLawS shall work to provide opportunities for law students to become actively involved in cannabis law issues.

Executive Board
President Breanna Gregorio
Vice President Brandon Rusk
Vice President of Communications Monique Rodriguez
Treasurer Henok Gebrai
Secretary Maggie Lee