Dispute Resolution Society

The Dispute Resolution Society is a student-run organization committed to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The vision of DRS mirrors that of the Saltman Center, and seeks to foster a better understanding of what Alternative Dispute Resolution is, the importance of resolving disputes as a part of the litigation process, and the positive effect Alternative Dispute Resolution has on the legal community. DRS will work in conjunction with the Saltman Center in facilitating discussion among students, faculty, and the legal community regarding issues related to ADR. DRS will also put on events, programs, activities, and engage in outreach in promoting all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Current Members

President Christopher Parsons
Vice President Jack Silvestri
Treasurer Andrew Yates
Secretary Michael Goutsaliouk
Community Service Director Genes Maggiacomo
Email willig4@unlv.nevada.edu
Events Director Gader Wren
Email wreng1@unlv.nevada.edu