Student Bar Association (SBA)

Welcome to the Student Bar Association

The purpose of the Student Bar Association (SBA) Executive Board and Board of Governors is to act as a means for student self-governance. It provides an effective medium for the expression of student views and serves as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration. The SBA also sponsors such activities as may be deemed beneficial to the Law School community and specifically to the students.

2018-2019 SBA Executive Board and Board of Governors

President Monique Jammer
Vice President (Full-Time) Christopher Rose
Vice President (Part-Time) David Snyder
Treasurer Haley Jaramillo
Executive Secretary Myrra Dvorak
4L Rep PT Carmen Gilbert
3L Rep FT Emily Meibert
3L Rep PT Ryan Flanagan
2L Rep FT Ryan McConnell
2L Rep PT Hugo Hernandez-Diaz
1L Rep FT - Section 1 Dallas Anselmo
1L Rep FT - Section 2 Jazmine Thompson
1L Rep PT Eric Watson
Transfer Student Rep Tracie Jefcik


If you have any questions about the SBA or student life, please feel free to email the SBA Board at