PILA - Summer Grant

Available for Students Who Choose to Engage in Public Interest Work over the Summer

What People are Saying About the Grant:

Coming Soon!

How Much: 

Full Grant: $5000 for a minimum of 320 hours

Half Grant: $2500 for a minimum of 160 hours

How Does It Work: A Boyd School of Law 1L, 2L, or 3L part-time student obtains a public interest position (internship/volunteer) for the summer. If they fulfill the other eligibility requirements, then PILA may award the PILA Grant as a stipend award. 

Eligible Public Interest Positions: Work at Non-Profit or Government agencies representing underserved or indigent populations; Legal in nature and under the supervision of an attorney.

Types of organizations people have worked for in the past include:

NOT eligible: Any work for a partisan group or a group closely associated with a candidate or contending faction in an election for public party office; work where the political affiliation/support/or affinity of the student is a prerequisite for employment; work for a judge (including ALJs); work to be performed for an elected official other than as part of the regular administration of federal, state or local government; work for a for-profit law firm; work for academic credit.

Other Eligibility Requirements: Must be in Good Standing & Not have Graduated Prior to Completing Work at the Funded Position; Must have donated at least 6 hours of Service to PILA, obtained 2 auction items for the annual PILA Auction, and be a paid PILA Member; Must fill out application, available in March

The PILA Grant Committee will review all applications (the primary method of choosing the recipients, as long as all other requirements are satisfied) and decide on funding allocation by April.

**This award does not represent employment with UNLV.**

Applications and FAQ sheet are available on our PILA TWEN site under Member Documents