Boyd Briefs - April 6, 2018

From Dean Dan - April 6, 2018

Dean Dan Hamilton
Over the next year, the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law will bring together lawmakers, law enforcement, judges, academics, students, and community members to discuss legal and legislative solutions for reducing gun violence. Our goal is to facilitate a thoughtful, balanced, and substantive...

Faculty Spotlight: Ann C. McGinley

Ann McGinley, Co-Director of the UNLV Workplace Law Program and William S. Boyd Professor of Law
Ann McGinley is co-director of the UNLV Workplace Law Program and a William S. Boyd Professor of Law. Her areas of expertise include Employment Law, Gender and Law, Masculinities Theory and Law, and Tort Law.

Student Spotlight: Lorin Taylor

Lorin Taylor
You spent many years working as a legal researcher for the Nevada Attorney General's Office (AGO). How did that experience inform/reinforce your decision to apply to law school? I loved working at the AGO. I got hands on experience working on a lot of federal lawsuits, and while I loved working...

Alumni Spotlight: William Grigsby '17

William Grigsby
William works for the ProBAR Children's Project in Harlingen, Texas.

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