Boyd Briefs - May 3, 2019

From Dean Dan - May 3, 2019

Dean Dan Hamilton
I am excited to share some great news coming out of Boyd Nation: Brenda Weksler '02 has been appointed to fill a U.S. Magistrate seat here in Las Vegas, and this marks our first alum to join the Federal District Court. Honored as the 2018 William S. Boyd School of Law Alumna of the Year, Brenda...

Faculty Spotlight: Mary LaFrance

Mary LaFrance
Mary LaFrance is the IGT Professor of Intellectual Property Law.

Student Spotlight: Anna Sichting

Anna Sichting
You are a law student, your husband is in the Air Force, and your kids are...well, kids. Is making all that work as challenging as it sounds? It is a balancing act and team effort! My husband and I are constantly comparing schedules for the family. I have also learned to ask for help! At times,...

Alumni Spotlight: Darren J. Lemieux, '05

Darren J. Lemieux, '05
Darren Lemieux is a partner based in the Denver office of Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP. He works in the Reno and Las Vegas offices as well.

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