Boyd Briefs - October 4, 2019

From Dean Dan - October 4, 2019

Dean Dan Hamilton
This week we launched the Justice Michael L. Douglas PreLaw Fellowship Program. This new initiative honors a trailblazer in our community, and promotes diversity and access to legal education at Nevada’s law school. The Justice Douglas PreLaw Fellowship Program, which begins next summer, will...

Faculty Spotlight: Stewart Chang

Stewart Chang
Stewart Chang is a Professor of Law with expertise in Comparative Law, Family Law, and Immigration Law.

Student Spotlight: Jungmin Park

Jungmin Park
You attended United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School over the summer. What was that experience like? I was humbled by my first real taste of the discipline and camaraderie that our service members rely upon on a daily basis to keep our country safe. I have never appreciated the luxury...

Alumni Spotlight: Adriana Guzmán Fralick, '03

Adriana Guzmán Fralick, '03
Adriana Guzmán Fralick is an Attorney and Counselor at Law at AGF Law in Reno, Nev. She will be honored as the 2019 UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law Alumni Volunteer Leadership recipient on Oct. 19 at the law school's annual alumni award dinner.

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