Boyd Briefs - February 7, 2020

From Dean Dan - February 7, 2020

Dean Dan Hamilton
The law school is extraordinarily grateful to Sam and Lexy Lionel for a gift of $1 million to create a new Reid-Lionel Scholarship Fund in recognition of Senator Harry Reid. In keeping with Senator Reid’s commitment to Nevada and the nation, this new endowed fund will provide financial...

Faculty Spotlight: Youngwoo Ban

Youngwoo Ban
Research Librarian at the Wiener-Rogers Law Library at the William S. Boyd School of Law

Student Spotlight: Erika Smolyar

Erika Smoylar
What did you enjoy most about growing up in Chicago? I’d love to say the snow, but that’s definitely not true. I’ve always loved the summers, the city itself, the thunderstorms, and mostly my family and the friends I grew up with. You are the president of Boyd's Workplace Law...

Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Sandoval ‘04

Jennifer Sandoval ‘04
Green Spark Group Sustainability Consultant Vancouver, BC, Canada

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