Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Sandoval ‘04

Jennifer Sandoval ‘04

How did you first get into the legal profession?

After volunteering for several Non-governmental Organizations in developing countries, and seeing firsthand how powerful corporations were exploiting the environments and people in places where they operated, I decided to try to learn more about what legal responsibilities corporations had to act in environmentaland socially responsible ways. Sadly, the answer thatI learned from my business law and international human rights classes at Boyd, was "not many". I aspired to work in a capacity where I was advocating for the greater good and helping people protect their rights to human dignity and a healthy environment. Promoting public interest work to change things was the path I intended to pursue with my law degree.

What does success mean to you?

Success is constantly striving to learn how to be a better person and this means always trying to make the world, and people around you, better.

How did you get into the film and television industry?

After remarrying my ex (yes, you heard that right) and moving to Seattle where I worked as a prosecutor for King County, followed by a move to Vancouver, where my husband tooka job as a professor at the University of British Columbia and I spent a prolonged period of time staying at home raising my children (Ella, now 21 (3rd year at UC Berkeley!) and Rosa, 14), I decided to continue my pursuit of advocacy and change for the betterment of our world. I went back to school and got a certificate in Sustainable Business Leadership. Following this program, I was hired as a sustainability consultant to the ever growing film and television industry in Vancouver (aka Hollywood North). I work with film and television productions, to help them implement sustainable practices. It is an exciting time to be doing this as it is a somewhat new thing and I get the chance to collaborate with business, government and non-profit organizations to create programs and policies that help reduce waste, educate others about climate change and more mindful and healthy business practices.

Do you have a motto and what is it?

From a book by Paul Rogat Loeb --"The impossible will take a little while...”

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