Boyd Briefs - February 26, 2021

From Dean Dan - February 26, 2021

Dean Dan Hamilton
In February, the Nevada Legislature convened for its biennial session. We’re particularly proud of our Boyd alums in the legislature including Speaker of the Nevada Assembly Jason Frierson, and Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. At Boyd there is a new student group, the Policy and...

Faculty Spotlight: Nancy B. Rapoport

Nancy B. Rapoport
What's the most important thing you are working on right now? I’m continuing to work on the markers for potential malpractice risk that my co-author, Joe Tiano, and I are teasing out of millions of lines of time entries. (Our most recent piece on this topic is here .) We’re going to...

Alfa Alemayehu

Alfa Alemayehu
What qualities do you feel you derive from your Ethiopian roots? I consider myself a hard-working individual and I definitely credit that to my Ethiopian roots. I learned from an early age that if I wanted to achieve a goal of mine, I had to be intentional and not afraid to ask questions. My...

Alumni Spotlight: Zaniah Jordan '20

Zaniah Jordan '20
What have you been up to since taking the Bar? After sitting for both Nevada and California's Bar Exam, I took some time to relax and catch up on my favorite shows. I also began a Judicial Clerkship for the Honorable Timothy C. Williams in August 2020. Judge Williams has both a civil and...

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