Boyd Briefs - April 9, 2021

From Dean Dan - April 9, 2021

Dean Dan Hamilton
One of the biggest changes to Las Vegas in recent years has been the addition of professional sports teams. The Las Vegas Raiders look forward to their first game in front of live fans, and the Vegas Golden Knights continue to have spectacular success as a new franchise. Here at UNLV Boyd, we are...

Faculty Spotlight: Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz
Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor

Student Spotlight: Joshua Nelson

Joshua Nelson
Tell our readers about your experience coaching a debate team in China. I worked with high school-age students in Shenzhen, which is a large city in southern China. While interning with the Washoe County DA as an undergrad, everyone recommended I take a gap year. I was really involved with college...

Alumni Spotlight: Melissa Corral '14

Melissa Corral '14
Staff Attorney at Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

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