Boyd Briefs - September 10, 2021

From Dean Sara - September 10, 2021

Dean Sara Gordon
One of the best parts about welcoming a new class to the law school is learning about all of the interesting things they did before they got here. This year, we have been joined by teachers and nurses, veterans and college athletes, a census worker, and even a park ranger. The diversity of...

Faculty Scholarship Highlights: Joseph Regalia

Joseph Regalia
Professor Joe Regalia is an Associate Professor of Law whose research and teaching focuses on legal writing, persuasion science, and technology and innovation.

Student Spotlight: Natasha Sharma

Natasha Sharma
Natasha Sharma (3L), explains why she makes time for her leadership roles in both the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) and the Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA), and why inclusivity is so important.

Alumni Spotlight: Dylan Lawter '21

Dylan Lawter '21
Dylan Lawter, Law Clerk at Christensen James & Martin, shares how he fills his downtime with family and friends, along with the keys that allow him to push through difficult times.

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