Alumni Spotlight: Alexandra Varela '13

Alexandra Varela

Is there a nugget of advice you would have for a Boyd law student or recent grad?

My advice to a Boyd law student or recent grad is to not close any doors. Take every class and externship opportunity as a chance to explore and discover what interests you. You never know where life may lead and what experiences may change your perspective.  

I went to law school because I wanted to work in child welfare. While at Boyd, I started a student organization called the Child Advocacy Law Association, and all of my externships related to that practice area. After law school, I worked as a Deputy District Attorney in the Nevada Child Welfare Division, which was extremely rewarding. However, because I was so passionate about the work, I quickly found myself burnt out and emotionally-drained.

When my husband’s career prompted a move back to Southern California where we both grew up, I began seriously considering a change in practice areas - something I never thought I would do. Now, I am an estate planning attorney. I never dreamed that I would enjoy the work as much as I do.
What inspired you to start your own practice?

While in law school, my grandmother became very ill. She was the pillar of strength on my dad’s side of the family - the person everyone went to for advice and comfort. She and my grandfather did not have much by way of financial assets, aside from a home in Southern California that was owned outright, so my dad and his sister never went to see an estate planning attorney. After my grandmother passed away, my dad and his sister had a lot of conflict over the estate, sadly resulting in disintegration of their sibling relationship. I know, without a doubt, this is not what my grandmother would have wanted. Because of this, I started my own estate planning practice where I help clients make empowered decisions for their families in hopes of avoiding as much conflict and stress as possible. 
What do you enjoy doing in your off hours?

I am currently building my practice, which is a labor of love and requires much time and attention. But I do have two young children who are my inspiration and my world. During my off hours, I enjoy cuddling with them, watching Daniel Tiger, going to ballet practice, and picking up toys. 

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