Alumni Spotlight: Charles E. Gianelloni '12

February 01, 2019
Charles E. Gianelloni

How did you first get into the legal profession?

I knew I was destined to be a lawyer when I won my first debate tournament at age 7. Just kidding. I actually played video games throughout my 20’s and then followed my brother into law school after growing tired of selling vacuums. Fortunately for me, entry into the legal profession does not require a heroic origin story. I find that hard work and time management skills are far more important.
What advice would you give a new lawyer?

If you are working in a firm, avoid taking on too much work. It is tempting to say “yes” to everyone, but overextending yourself quickly leads to problems. It prevents you from doing your best work, it dramatically interferes with your personal life, and it creates a tremendous amount of undue stress. Instead, be honest with the assigning attorneys and let them know you have a full plate. It is difficult to do at first, but far, far better than the alternative. 
Can you recommend a favorite movie?

Funny and/or ridiculous movies are great escapes from the often-serious trappings of law. For example, Rubber is zany romp about a telekinetic car tire that stalks a desert town after following a hitchhiker there. For those of you who have already seen this gem, I know what you’re thinking, and I agree – major Oscar snub in 2010. 
Tell us about a case that you are particularly proud of.

We had a client who hired a company to find and sell him a rare pinball machine (really, a pinball machine). With only 300 or so units of this particular pinball machine ever produced, it took several months for the company to locate one. A few days before the machine was to be delivered, the client received a call from the company saying that the deal was off because the company had received a better offer from someone who had just hit a jackpot at a casino. With the help of an expert from the Pinball Hall of Fame, we enjoined the sale to the new buyer and compelled the company to sell the machine to our client. Perhaps some of those law school fact patterns are not so far-fetched after all.

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