Alumni Spotlight: Jenny Lee '12

Jenny Lee

Tell us about your decision to attend UNLV Law.

When I decided to attend law school, Boyd was my top choice. At first, it was about location and affordability. Then, I met faculty, alumni and other admitted students. I am not exaggerating when I say they were all, without exception, genuinely friendly and eager to help. The Las Vegas legal community is relatively small compared to other cities, so I was also influenced by all the networking, mentorship and career opportunities Boyd provides to its students and graduates. Equally impressive were all the resources made available to students. As an alumnus, I still benefit from-and am impressed by-all that Boyd does for its graduates. In sum, deciding on Boyd was easy.

What was a turning point in your career?

After graduating Boyd, I was hired at a law firm and given challenging work in workers’ compensation law. Together with many wonderful co-workers and clients, I could accomplish many great things in these endeavors during my time with the firm. I never planned to go out on my own, but friends and family planted the seed that I should go into practice for myself. After that, I could not stop thinking about it. It was hard taking the leap of faith and giving up a steady salary to start my own firm from scratch, but it was the turning point my career needed. I am much happier on my own than ever before. Owning your own practice involves much more than just practicing law, but it can be very rewarding.

You’re involved in a lot - business, philanthropy, entrepreneurism. How do you keep everything balanced and organized?

Keeping things balanced and organized is a constant effort, so all I can hope for is to do my best. Boyd instills strong community and philanthropic values in their graduates, so I enjoy volunteering, but I would love to do more philanthropic work. When I started my own office, it certainly was harder to find balance and organization when every responsibility fell on my shoulders. As a solo-practitioner, keeping things balanced and organized became much more manageable after getting more help and delegating work. Making sure to have enough help is one lesson worth learning sooner, rather than later.  

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