Alumni Spotlight: Lauren A. Peña '07

September 28, 2017
Lauren A. Peña, Class of '07

What drew you to the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, and what do you like most about your work there?

I was drawn to Legal Aid because of its reputation for having talented and dedicated lawyers who are committed to improving the lives of so many vulnerable people in our community. As a longtime Las Vegan, I am passionate about making our city the best it can be. I always admired how Legal Aid served our fellow southern Nevadans who could not afford lawyers. My work at the Civil Law Self-Help Center at the Regional Justice Center (RJC) is truly rewarding by being able to help people at times when they are the most fearful or worried. It is hard to see people in such difficult situations, but it is also rewarding knowing that my time and information can alleviate some of their fears. And I love being in the RJC because I always bump into my old friends from Boyd!
When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

First, I wanted to be a traveling nun because I wanted to travel and help people, but then I found out about all the rules. Then, I wanted to be a professional singer and dancer. I still want to be a professional singer and dancer, but having no talent has gotten in the way.
Is there a nugget of advice you would give a recent Boyd Law graduate?

Do not be afraid to admit you do not know something! When I was a recent grad, I was so afraid someone would find out that I did not know everything. But, you may have knowledge of a subject someone else does not, and other people know things that you do not! It is okay to not know something, as long as you are willing to put in the work to find the answer. Plus, know-it-alls are annoying.

And, take a pro bono case! You will be a hero to someone — and you will learn something new in the process.

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