Alumni Spotlight: Michiko Nozawa-Joffe '15

October 05, 2017
Michiko Nozawa-Joffe

How did Boyd School of Law help you achieve your dream?

Coming from a long line of police officers, I always considered joining the FBI as a special agent. But, as with many of my colleagues, my path changed slightly when attending law school. One thing, however, did not change: the joy of researching and investigating. This passion has translated into my work as an anti-money laundering attorney at Las Vegas Sands Corp. Here, I get to uncover financial fraud schemes and other suspicious activity that criminals may try to conduct at our casinos. Boyd Law School prepared me well for this job through its hands-on professors who truly took the time to mentor me. Time and again, I am able to rely on the skills I learned at Boyd to be an effective in-house lawyer. 

Do you have a motto and what is it?

There are a couple of proverbs that I live by every day:
First proverb (Japanese) – 下学上達 (kagakujoutatsu) which means “start from daily basic learning to high advanced learning.” Translating the kanji for my personal guidance: Don’t forget to take life’s challenges one step at a time!
Second proverb (Japanese) – 雨垂れ石をも穿つ (amadareishiwomougatsu) which means “constant dropping wears away a stone.” In translation: It is always easy to give up, but you will succeed if you stay persistent!

What do you enjoy in your off hours?

I like to read, connect with friends, spend time at home with my family (including my cats), and go on mini weekend vacations to California. I know many of my colleagues have demanding hours and may even have to work on weekends, so I am incredibly grateful for my stable work schedule which allows me to plan my trips and off hours in advance. 

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