Alumni Spotlight: Nicholas Wooldridge '03

Nicholas Wooldridge '03

What does success mean to you?

As an attorney, I measure success by the satisfaction of my clients. Client satisfaction is based on three factors: (1) Results; (2) Communication; and (3)How Client is Treated by Staff.  Results matter, we are kidding ourselves if we think a client is satisfied with a loss. Notwithstanding, we cannot always get the results a client wants no matter how good of lawyers we are, therefore, we must always attempt to manage client’s expectations, and under promise and over deliver.  Which leads to the next factor, client communication. Communication is not only about staying in contact with client and returning phone calls, but also keeping them informed and as I previously wrote, managing expectations. Finally, staff is a key ingredient to success. Staff must be productive, efficient, and great at crises management. Often time they will also act as the gate keeper between the client and the attorney. When the staff are happy and enjoy their work the client usually feels the same.  Happy staff means positive attitudes and better work culture, which trickles down to our clients.These three factors drive success. 

Any business advice you would give to someone just starting in the profession?

Work for good firms and good attorney who can teach you how to practice and help find your passion.You will learn to do many things and do them well.  Don’t be scared, and go for it! The people you deal with, opposing client, and judges are people they are not something extraordinary. If you are going to be a litigator learn story telling techniques and take trial advocacy workshop skills. 

What are your success habits? 

What drives you to push through difficult times? My top three success habits include: (1) Doing my best to surround myself with individuals who I consider to be intelligent, ambitious, driven, and dedicated. Surrounding myself with high value individuals naturally forces me to step-up, hold myself to a higher standard, and produce exceptional results. (2) I am a vegetarian, and daily practitioner of yoga and meditation.This keeps my mind and body clean, healthy, and most importantly,to better serve my clients.(3) Don’t stress.  Stress will kill you faster than eating meat, if you are prepared and you have done everything you can to help your client, surrender to the higher power and it will usually work out. Do your Best!

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