Alumni Spotlight: Sagar Raich, '13

Friday, November 1, 2019
Sagar Raich, '13

Why did you attend UNLV and the William S. Boyd School of Law?

Las Vegas is and has been my home. Growing up in Las Vegas, I was able to study in, learn from, and work with the southern Nevada community. Thankfully, I was able to obtain full academic scholarships for my undergraduate education at UNLV – that is when my loyalty to and respect for UNLV developed. When it came time to apply to law schools, I had a several options. However, knowing that I wanted to work in Nevada; that I wanted to help those in Nevada; and that I wanted to get an excellent legal education, Boyd was the best option. Coupled with the fact that I was again fortunate enough to receive a full academic scholarship, Boyd was not just an option – it was the only logical choice. Once there, I was able to take a variety of classes, participate in a Clinic, and make friends for life. These are friends that I run into at the RJC, or that I meet at various events, or that occasionally appear on the other side in cases!

Why do you practice Business Law?

Helping others achieve their dreams and goals is very, very rewarding. To help others build their businesses, protect their businesses, and fight for their businesses are the challenges I enjoy tackling every day. Today, our law firm, Raich Law, has a solid staff that helps businesses of all sizes and types. At Raich Law, all clients are treated equally, from billionaires and celebrities to the person who is risking it all to start their own business that he or she has dreamed of starting for decades. To me, business law is not just a mutually beneficial field of law, but a fun and rewarding field of practice!

What do you do, and what can other alumni do, to give back?

One of the most important things that any human being can do is help those who are less fortunate. As an attorney, I take on--and encourage any attorneys reading this--to take on at least one pro bono case a month. Our community also has many other needs – from education to hunger to the needs of the elderly and the homeless populations. Many organizations in the valley help such populations. These organizations need and deserve our help. For me, being part of committees at Three Square, the largest food bank in Nevada; being part of the Universal Friendship Association of Southern Nevada; and being one of the Founding Directors of the non-profit Nevada Homeless Integration Services allows me to do my best to address the needs of the hungry, the elderly, and the homeless in our community. Having seen Boyd grads at various non-profit organizations, charity events, and volunteering at various events, I am proud of our alumni community and encourage everyone to continue to give back!

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