Alumni Spotlight: Scott Vivier '20

Friday, October 8, 2021
Scott Vivier '20

How has your legal education helped you serve as the Deputy Fire Chief for the City of Henderson Fire Department? 

Attending Boyd and obtaining my law degree has significantly aided me in my full-time role with the City of Henderson Fire Department. Believe it or not, serving as firefighter and practicing law are very similar, and my time at Boyd helped me to realize this. First, both career fields deal with helping people who are experiencing problems that they cannot solve on their own. Next, both fields require the responder/practitioner to accurately identify a problem (issue), know how to handle the problem (rule), mitigate the problem based on changing conditions (application), and come to an outcome that leaves the person in a better situation (conclusion). Lastly, both fields require you to constantly look at the problem from multiple angles so that a “hidden fire or risk” does not go undetected. (In the fire service we say that you always must address all seven sides of the box that the fire is in. 1. Inside; 2. Bottom-side; 3. Topside; 4. Front-side; 5. Right-side; 6. Left-side; and 7. Backside) With the issues that we are facing today, being able to utilize this way of thinking and problem solving has proven to be invaluable. 

Do you have certain memories about law school you want to remember? 

My time at Boyd was a tremendous experience. Everything from the relationships created with my fellow part-time evening classmates, to our 1L beginning courses where it seemed like all the professors were speaking a different language, to finishing off our studies via Zoom calls and then taking a non-traditional Bar exam; will be memories I will forever cherish. 

Do you have a motto or saying and what is it?

Yes. At the Henderson Fire Department, we require our employees to know the reason why the department exists. The answer to this question is also my motto, which is that we exist “Because People Matter.” We teach our employees that the department’s existence is based on the universal belief that human beings have inherent value and that this is the reason why people throughout this community, state, and nation are willing to pool their resources together to ensure somebody will show up when tragedy strikes their home or family. For me, keeping this idea in the forefront of my mind has allowed me to continue to see our common humanity and to seek out the things that brings is together, instead of drives us a part. 

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